6 steps to create a videoclip script

Let your imagination fly. A good music videoclip cannot be made without first creating a good script.

If you have clicked on this article, it is because you want to know the steps we have to follow to create a good script for a music videoclip.

Now, to what we came for.

What are the 6 steps to create a videoclip script?

1. Choose your videoclip type

This is very important and is the first thing you have to think about before creating the script. These are the most common types of videoclips:

  • Conceptual videoclip:

The abstract and the creative take precedence in this type of videoclip. It is an artistic interpretation where you have to let your imagination run wild.

There doesn’t have to be a concordance or an order, as everything will be created through metaphors.

For the production of this type of video you will have to use many effects and different types of shots.

Let’s look at an example.

Madonna – Bedtime Story

  • Performance videoclip:

In this type of videoclip the only protagonist is the singer or band. They will be filmed in different locations, be it a stage, a music studio or somewhere in the city.

It may sound boring but it is a very common type of music videoclip and has been changing its style over time.

To see the difference, take a look at these two videos shot in different eras.

Queen – These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Ed Sheeran – Afterglow

  • Narrative videoclip:

Personally, this is the type of video clip I like the most, but it’s just a simple matter of taste. Here it is important that you understand what the singer wants to interpret with the lyrics and melody of the song, as you will have to tell a story.

Basically, in this type of video clip it is necessary that there is an order, a structure of beginning, development and denouement. It is one of the most popular music videos.

However, many producers like to combine the three types of music videos into one.

Katy Perry – The One That Got Away

2. What do you want to tell?

Why is it important to know what you want to tell? Because you need to know what you want to accomplish or convey, i.e. what goals you want to achieve with this video clip.

For example, if the idea is to get more music contracts in restaurants for the band or singer, you should focus on showing how well they perform on stage.

In addition, I recommend that you write down all the ideas that come to mind and discard the ones that you don’t think will work. If you see that no idea fits well, rethink the objectives and start again.

3. Listen to the song as many times as you can

You will probably listen to the song a couple of times and say, I’ve got it all.

Well, let me tell you that it isn’t like that, you have to listen to it at least 5 times, the more you listen to it the better. Even the details of the tone of the voice matter.

For example what I do, after listening to it many times, is to go stanza by stanza imagining how I would like each phrase to be interpreted.

videoclip script - Song sketch
Write down the song and below each verse write or draw the different scenarios.

4. Choose the locations:

I recommend that you visit the locations you have chosen for the music videoclip, at least 4 locations. So, take a notebook where you will write down every detail such as the time it takes to get there, the lighting and even the weather.

In addition, to writing everything down, you should take the camera with you to record and take small shots, so you won’t miss any detail and you won’t improvise on the day of the shooting.

Note: It is also important to check if the locations where you will be shooting require any kind of permit.

5. Create a moodboard:

The moodboard refers to a series of images taken from music videos, films, series, documentaries, which will help you define the style of your project and inspire you to create the script.

The mooboard helps you to better visualise how your video will look.

Check out the video clip we made together with Buko Idea. The script helped us a lot to optimize time when shooting and editing.

Cover Josh Groban – Broken Vow – Jochen Heinen

6. Don’t complicate things:

And last but not least, think about the resources you have and the availability of your client. Don’t complicate things, simple is more beautiful.

What’s more, to follow these steps to create the script for your music video, let your creativity fly, tell stories and think about the audience.

And you don’t need to write a super elaborate script, with a thousand things just to fill in spaces.

Remember that less is always more.

As a last tip, I recommend you always review the script with the artist, it may be that he/she feels uncomfortable with a scene and doesn’t want to do it in the videoclip. Always have a plan b.

So, with these 6 simple steps you can create a good script for your videoclip. You can also create your own technical and literary scripts with these templates by clicking here.

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