My studies

I studied journalism with the objective of informing people with only the truth.

My goals are

continue to learn about new digital trends and find new market niches. I am always looking to communicate ideas in an inspiring and effective way.


 I enjoy

what I do and would love to share my knowledge and learn new things.

I’m not

just a journalist, I’m also a good person, I’m fun, I’m creative.

I like

the little things like sitting and watching the sunset and the big things like singing in front of a large audience.

Going out to sing on a stage is one of the most beautiful things, because you make people happy.

I can say that I am a “show woman”!

Am I a sports girl?

These last few years I’ve been aiming to get out of my comfort zone and do new things.

That’s why I’ve started climbing. It’s a sport where you need to be strategic, you have to dominate your fears and only climb.

Fun fact

I’m also a person who fights for what I want. The way I got my first job was very curious.

The job posting didn’t specify the address of the office, so I went through all the O’s in Goooooogle, until I found the address. I arrived at my future boss’ apartment to hand in my resume.

I worked there for 2 years as a principal journalist in Ecuador.

More experiences…

I have taken risks despite the little experience I had. I presented myself in the office of the mayor of Guayaquil, one of the most important people in Ecuador.

I proposed him a project for a digital newspaper. He loved it!

In Ecuador

I had decided to build my own digital communication business “Haro Media & Films”. I wanted to help small businesses to be visible to the public, through video, photography, writing content creation, and helping their social media presence.

In Spain

I continued with my business.  I did some audiovisual projects in collaboration with Buko Idea, an audiovisual production company.

In Germany 

I started a new life with a new culture and language. I work for a Tech company as a video marketing producer and I am looking for new challenges.

My short-term goal

is to continue studying and learning. I want to improve my German and my knowledge of marketing.

I have a long way to go, many experiences to live and many risks to take. I’m prepared for everything that comes my way.

What now?

I want to continue my projects in Germany. I am interested in getting to know the German market and sharing my knowledge.

Let’s talk!

Help me to continue writing my story…