Las 2 Caras (January 2018)

Through ”Las 2 Caras” I was able to materialize an investigation on a subject that had concerned some sectors of the Ecuadorian capital, ”Quito Cables”. A project that would change the levels of congestion and delay on the main routes, both for public transport and for individuals.

However, it sparked controversy among the authorities and some citizens, who opposed the project.

It is a topic that called my attention and curiosity, and I had the opportunity to give voice and visibility to all those people within my research.

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Degree thesis: “Las 2 caras de Facebook” (June 2016)

For my degree thesis I did research on the crimes committed through Facebook.

According to data published by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC), the social network most used by the Ecuadorian population is Facebook with 97.9%.

Through this social network various so-called cyber crimes have been committed, among these the most common are: identity theft, child pornography, account hacking, and fraud.

This investigation showed how these crimes are produced, through statistics, cases and interviews. It showed how the Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office handles crimes through Facebook and what processes are used to solve them.

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