Professional Career


Audiovisual Production “Haro Producciones”

🔹 I built my own business to help my clients become dynamic in their approach to customers and reinvent the way they show their products.

🔹 Brand creation and management for a music band, helping them obtain 3 contracts in a month.

🔹 Script, filming and production of documentaries.

🔹 Production and post production of commercial videos.

🔹 Commercial and product photography.

Tourism Magazine “La Agencia de Viajes”

Informed and updated the international tourism industry in Ecuador through interviews, research and conventions in different countries.

🔹 While I was the journalist for Ecuador, the company increased advertising sales by 90%.

🔹 Interviews with ministers, owners of large hotel chains, airline managers, travel agency CEOs, etc.

🔹 Creation of 25 articles per month.

🔹 Business trips and international events reporting.

Journalistic Research “Quito Cables”

I was able to materialize an investigation on a subject that had concerned some sectors of the Ecuadorian capital. ”Quito Cables” was a project with an investment of around USD 44 million that would affect 180.000 people and would mean the expropriation of 34 properties.

🔹 Research on the pros and cons of the project to analyze its impact on citizens.

🔹 Carrying out interviews with the project leaders appointed by the mayor and opposition leaders.

Tourism Blog “Tu Guía de Viaje”

🔹 I write articles about tourism in Ecuador and Spain in “Tu Guía de Viaje”, a website dedicated to tourism around the world.

🔹 The only way to find topics and elaborate stories that appeal is to know and connect with my audience, so I am always looking for new trends in the market. You can see all the articles by clicking here.

Real Estate “Nomad Realty”

🔹 Managed 8 commercial agents, overseeing of 300 leads per month.

🔹 Redesign, edition and dispatch of advertising campaigns (Email Marketing – Mailchimp).

🔹 Creation of written content. Social media management and advertising scheduling.

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